Metaphysics – The Study of the True Nature of Physical Reality….

Metaphysics – The Study of the True Nature of Physical Reality.

Metaphysics has evolved over the centuries as human consciousness has developed to include science and spiritual awareness as tools to explore and observe the true nature of reality.
Reality, or physical reality, includes everything we experience. Thoughts, ideas, emotions, perceptions, even what we call dreams and hallucinations, life and death; all are included in this experience that we call “reality”.
Science attempts to separate, categorize, quantify, and objectify physical experience, labelling certain aspects as “real” and others as “not real”. Metaphysics includes science, and goes beyond it to encompass all aspects and dimensions of life experience as “real”.
Religion attempts to separate the physical from the non-physical, or spiritual, aspects of life experience, rejecting the physical and calling it “bad” or “evil” while embracing the spiritual and calling that “good” or even “God”. Metaphysics goes beyond religions, recognizing that the physical and non-physical are one and not separate, neither good nor bad, and that everything is in fact what we might call “God”.
At this point in our conscious evolution, metaphysics has taken its place as the most comprehensive and most effective means of gaining knowledge and understanding or who we really are, why we are here, and the true nature of the physical Universe that we can perceive from our present point of view.
While science helps us perceive and understand the qualities of various aspects of physical existence, and religion and spirituality can help us integrate what we call non-physical experience into our lives, it is only through metaphysical studies that the “big picture” can be seen and applied.
The impact of gaining knowledge of the big picture and learning how to manipulate and affect our world at that level will lead to unimaginable developments in our technologies, social systems, health and well being, and our relationships to our planet and the Universe. To ignore metaphysics is to ignore the potential of our future; To embrace it is to embrace everything that life has to offer.
So how can you study metaphysics?
I have found the only reliable method is to access Truth from the Heart. By the Heart I mean that zero point in the Heart that connects us to Source, All That Is, God, or whatever you want to call it. Once you access this point, you will find your level of awareness expands in a way that permits your conscious mind to perceive physical reality more accurately and effectively. You will then find that the words you read, hear and experience coming from “others” are in fact mirrors reflecting back to you the Truth you perceived from the Heart. This is true Knowledge and it will replace belief as your main mode of conscious functioning.

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